Our practice is only as great as our Master Mariners and we have
worked to hire and retain industry experts dedicated to the success of
our clients.
Our Marine Masters
Capt. Adrian H Carvalho :
Over 30 years Sea and Shore experience on Tankers dealing with
QHSE matters and the stringent requirements of the SIRE
Capt. Villy Raki :
Over 30 years in the Marine field at Sea and Ashore, a major part
of this period manning vessels around the world.
Capt. Ramu Naidu:
Over 30 years of Sea experience with Chemical Tankers, Cleaning
of Tanks & Coating expert
Capt. Zainual Muhammad:
Over 30 years in the Marine Industry ashore and at Sea with over
20 years in Mooring.
Marine Consultation Services
Our Captains
Our Mission is to
serve and provide
the best progress
towards quality